Wrought Iron Working

How do we rise to your work ?

  • Choice of Style

    Together with you we identify the style suited to your tastes or your environment. With careful research on the styles of the past and the latest news we share with you the best solution for your home.

  • Design

    Identified the style and tastes, we realize the design and submit for your attention, before proceeding to implementation. The designs are done by us and, like all our works are handmade. This allows, with great simplicity and freedom of action, to make changes to the project in real time.

  • Rendering

    Thanks to the collaboration of highly qualified personnel graphic, giving us an original photo we give you the opportunity to see a preview of the work done.

  • Imprint

    The project is presented to us in person, accompanied by drawings and renderings, to evaluate the effect of the finished and placed in the living spaces. Thanks to the rendering is also possible to present different color solutions applied to the artifact.

  • Realisation Handmade

    Our products are made with a process of processing totally Handmade. Every detail is created manually using methods that have remained unchanged for centuries. Visit us discover how our artworks thanks to the techniques.

  • Preview with the client

    When the product is made in our Craftsman Lab, before the last stages of processing, we contact you and take appointment for an on-site presentation of the finished work. This way you can see live the manufactured article and give the green light to finishing work or possibly require changes.

  • Painting

    • Painting’ phase ensures your work of last and give shine to your environment:
      Sandblasting: is carried out to remove the calamine existing on the forged iron, to improve the adhesion of the following processing steps:

      • Painting with Fund Epoxy Bi-Component phosphate Zinc
      • Painting of Finish Color RAL polyurethane Bi-component in Choice
  • Positioning

    We perform personally the posing so to guarantee the maximum attention to detail and perform the latest work on site, which makes it even more prestigious Thy Opera

Daily engagement and Continuous training

So since 2002 we forge our passion of realizing the works wrought iron

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